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Is God in that bottle cap


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Is God in That Bottle Cap?

A Search for Truth

We are surrounded by an Ultimate Reality that is unperceivable to the senses, and, as such, unknown to the conscious mind. Jesus, Krishna, and Buddha 

were all aware of this mystical, Ultimate Truth, and each realized that they were an undivided part of it. Trying to pass on their teachings, great religions were created based upon their words. But why is it that we are not experiencing that which they were, not living our lives fully merged with that “Kingdom of Heaven” that lies within? What part of their teachings are we missing?

Start your own spiritual journey today with Is God in That Bottle Cap? Proven methods and profound revelations are discussed in great depth as you travel inward with the author, a 40 year meditator, to uncover that which was never lost—the Ultimate Truth, that hidden reality that is the very essence of you and all that surrounds you.


“I would love to see this book in the hands of practitioners of all paths for self-realization.” —Vijayendra Pratap, Ph.D., President of the Yoga Research Society, Author (Beginning Yoga, Yoga Vision, Secrets of Hatha Vidya)


 “… readers should certainly enjoy this absorbing book. A lively and intensely readable story of one man’s use of a variety of spiritual practices to reveal the nature of reality.”—Kirkus Reviews

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